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We work on multiple technology and platforms to create products for a range of industries.

Our Portfolio


BatchMaster offers a range of spectacular products built specifically for formula/recipe based manufacturers. Developed to streamline business-critical operations, these products handle everything from Product Development, Formulation, Planning, Procurement, Production, Quality, Compliance, Sales & Finances.
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OptiProERP focuses on solving critical problems faced in discrete manufacturing domain. It is a powerful enterprise-level application that complements SAP-B1. OptiPro ERP bridges the gap and empowers manufacturers with exhaustive QA and workflow functionalities that syncs seamlessly with SAP-B1.
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BizPortal specializes in providing Intranet and Extranet solutions to SMEs. Powered by SharePoint and Office 365, these on-premise and cloud-based solutions streamline business processes to ensure effectiveness. It includes document management, workflow management, communication, corporate message alignment, project tracking, HR and more.
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BizChat is built for teams, but with your entire organization in mind. With the Employee Directory and easy all-employee and team onboarding, you can easily setup and organize your teams and conversations by department, product, location, project, or however you want to facilitate the way your organization works.
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Basecamp Scout

Get that winning edge for your sales team with Basecamp Scout – a GPS-enabled, web and Android-based field-force tracking app that keeps the managers connected with their field-force in real-time. With its built-in capabilities, Scout empowers you to digitize your field force’s working, right from marking attendance to geo-location tracking, updating task status/ feedbacks/ follow-ups to closing deals.
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Basecamp FleetPro

GPS-enabled two-way communication app offers wide range of benefits for all the stakeholders involved. It keeps the management updated on the vehicle location and driver behavior in real-time, allows tracking fleet’s fuel efficiency to improve driving habits and reduce fuel use, and helps keeping the vehicles safe & fit to use.
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